Online courses help educate women

Although I have written before about the ability of online courses to reach underserved populations, I wanted to take a moment here to stress the potential of online learning to educate women. We know that the key to enriching communities and increasing economic development is educating women worldwide. I know in my own courses that I teach a lot of women.  Some are older and making life transitions, some are young mothers or mothers with several children who can’t afford childcare. Some are grandparents entering the world of higher education for the first time. I have amazing women in my courses who, because of the nature of the online classroom, may be encouraged to find and use their voices, instead of feeling intimidated by the classroom experience, as many are.  Think of the potential impact for educating women on a global scale in hard to reach areas with online or particularly mobile technology. I certainly like knowing that I might be making a difference close to home.

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  1. Elusis Says:

    My field is dominated by women, but because we are online, we reach an enormous number of people living in rural areas, people of color, military veterans or their spouses, and other folks who just physically lack access to institutions where they could get their graduate degrees in my field. The face-to-face residency I lead this week really drove that home for me, and I’m profoundly aware of how important this is as a tool for diversifying our field beyond just the “nice white ladies” and few white men who are upper middle class and located near schools or mobile enough to get near them, then focus solely on school rather than on working.

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