About Me

Amy Hale, PhD

I’m an ed tech nerd. Or maybe I’m an ed tech junkie.  Hard to tell. I have 15 years of experience in online education and have developed between 300 and 400 individual courses for a variety of schools and institutions. I am a champion for online educational strategies both inside and outside the university environment, and I love to help independent educators harness the power of online education to help them get their work to a wider audience using a variety of techniques and pedagogies. In addition to being pretty smooth with Learning Management Systems of all types, I strongly believe in the power of the internet to provide high quality educational materials to people in all sorts of formats.  I have been involved with a number of online peer reviewed journals, curated online exhibitions, and I have helped to develop community-based online learning initiatives in the UK. I have also helped to design online educational resources for publishers, and am frequently on course design teams for various institutions. I also frequently consult on online educational strategies for institutions and private educators.

Additionally I lead workshops and coach individuals in the alt-ac environment, helping PhDs to lead a satisfying, happy life while also having an income.    I enjoy doing that too.